Problems associated with finding lost children was a hotly debated issue for a long time. For this reason, an article was added to the Law no. 2559 on Police Powers and Duties. Accordingly, for the lost children to be found, the police was given the authority to keep track of the bank account used by the lost child whether belonging to the child or someone else, monitor related telecommunication activities, and evaluate signal information with the written permission of the judge of a criminal court of peace, or in non-delayable cases, with the written permission or verbal permission -to be later put into writ- of the civilian authority in charge. Such an injunction can be valid for at most a month; however, this period can be extended by a month, for only once. The decision of the civilian authority will be immediately submitted to the court for approval. The court will have to announce its decision in 24 hours the latest (Executive Decree 680 Article 26).

Wording changes were made to the Law no. 1481 on Preventing Certain Actions Related to Security, especially with regards to the inclusion of the Coast Guard Command to the provision that sets forth firearm utilization powers and conditions, and authorizes the General Directorate of Security and Gendarmerie General Command (Executive Decree 680 Article 37-38).

With an amendment to the Law no. 2992 on the Revision of the Executive Decree on the Ministry of Justice’s Structure and Duties, it has been stipulated that of those individuals who have served as specialist sergeants for at least two years under the Law on Specialist Sergeants and then cancelled their contract by October 20, 2016, and are younger than 35 as of the application date for the oral exam, those who meet the requirements for becoming a Correction Officer with the exception of the age and written exam requirement can be employed as contracted Correction Officer in reserved positions, depending on the results of the oral exam organized before June 30, 2017 (Executive Decree 676 Article 7).

An article added to the Law no. 3160 on General Directorate of Security Flight and Diving Services Compensation specifies that in case pilots, flight crew and unmanned air vehicle crew belonging to the security class resign from their position, they will have to pay their training costs depending on the unfulfilled section of their obligatory service time (Executive Decree 696, Article 54)