Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy

After the Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command were severed from the Turkish Armed Forces and subordinated to the Ministry of Interior, the Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy was established as a separate entity since the personnel training activities also had to be detached from the Turkish Armed Forces. Upon its establishment, the duties and powers given to the General Staff, Force Commands and Ministry of National Defense in the old text were transferred to the Ministry of Interior’s and Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy’s administrative organs. What follows is a detailed list of amendments in this respect.

To the Law no. 2803 on Gendarmerie Structure, Duties and Powers, the section “Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy” and the article 13/A were added:

Under the umbrella of the Ministry of Interior, Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy has been established to meet the Gendarmerie’s and Coast Guard’s demand for commissioned and noncommissioned officers and other personnel, deliver education and training at college, undergraduate and postgraduate level, and conduct scientific research and publication activities. This tertiary education institution comprises faculties, institutes, noncommissioned officer vocational colleges, education and research centers and various courses.

Its structure, duties and operational procedures are determined by a regulation which will be issued by the Ministry of Interior after receiving the opinion of the Higher Education Council.

The Academy’s President and Vice Presidents are appointed by the Minister of Interior, and can be soldiers or civilians (Executive Decree 669 Article 113).

The requirements of Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy are to be met from the Gendarmerie General Command’s budget (Executive Decree 674 Article 30).

“The basic rights and salaries of the Academy’s faculty members from the Gendarmerie Services Classes and Coast Guard Services Classes are regulated in line with the provisions of Law no. 926. The faculty members under this scope are paid either the university salary calculated according to the Law no. 2914 Article 12, or the Turkish Armed Forces service fee, whichever is greater.” (Executive Decree 680 Article 44).

Additions have been made to the Article 13/A of the same law. Chief among these is that those students who succeed in the basic military education and also in the law enforcement education are to be deployed in the relevant branches upon the demand of the Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command, and the approval of the Ministry of Interior. Furthermore, the Academy can sign protocols with other higher education institutions as regards classes and branches not present in the Academy, educate students on its behalf in other tertiary education institutions, and reach protocols with relevant tertiary education institutions in areas which require specialization. The students educated in this way will possess the same basic rights and liabilities with those at the Academy itself (Executive Decree 676 Article 16-19).

The deans of the faculties under the umbrella of Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy are responsible for conducting undergraduate education and training at the Academy, reporting to the Academy President; and the Minister of Interior will be in charge of the appointment of these deans. The Academy’s faculty members who are not regular soldiers will have the same basic rights as those outlined in the Law on Higher Education Council and Law on Higher Education Personnel, and their disciplinary procedures will be same as those for the civil servants assigned to the same institution (Executive Decree 694 Article 54).

Additions to the Executive Decree 190 on General Staffing Procedures, Article 3 entitled “Exceptions” have stipulated that appointments to the Gendarmerie services class and Coast Guard services class and the employment by the Gendarmerie General Command, Coast Guard Command and Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy of contracted officers, contracted noncommissioned officers, specialist sergeants, contracted privates and privates will be subject to the limitations outlined in the central government’s budget law (Executive Decree 676 Article 44).

Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy