Amendments to the Law no. 211 on Turkish Armed Forces Internal Service

Changes to the Law on Turkish Armed Forces Internal Service have augmented the powers of civilian superiors, allowing them to inflict disciplinary punishment. After the transfer of military hospitals to the Ministry of Health, changes were made for the necessary adaption process. Furthermore a provision was passed to prevent the ill-treatment of military students.

The article, which allowed for the establishment of military hospitals to deliver health services by the General Staff in consideration of military needs, has been abrogated (Executive Decree 669 Article 109). As is known, all military hospitals have been transferred to the Ministry of Health. Expressions concerning military hospitals and treatment in military hospitals were removed from the law.

Turkish Armed Forces personnel whose class or status had been changed previously due to health reasons can now undergo another health check if they apply in one year (Executive Decree 669. Article 11).

Provisions were added to the law as regards punishments for military students (Executive Decree 669 Article 10).

In the Article 115, the second and third phrases of paragraph (a) have been removed. The removal of these sentences allows civil servants to inflict punishment as well (Executive Decree 676 Article 53). In continuation of this amendment, the Article 19 was changed to oblige subordinates to abide by the orders of military superiors with or without uniform, as well as of civilian superiors (Executive Decree 681 Article 3).

Since the Coast Guard and Gendarmerie were separated from the Turkish Armed Forces, these commands have been taken out of the scope of the law (Executive Decree 681 Article 1-8).

Amendments to the Law no. 211 on Turkish Armed Forces Internal Service