Defense and Security

Defense and security is the first area being restructured through State of Emergency executive decrees. In defense, very profound changes were carried out as we will mention below, and vast numbers of staff were expelled from the Turkish Armed Forces. Furthermore additional measures were introduced stipulating that “soldiers expelled from the Turkish Armed Forces are deprived of their military rank and offices without the need for judicial ruling, these individuals cannot be reinstated in the Turkish Armed Forces, return to public service employment, nor assume direct or indirect roles in public service; their memberships in any board of trustees, boards, commissions, executive committees, audit boards, liquidation boards etc. are deemed to have been terminated. Their firearm licenses and pilot licenses are cancelled, and they are evacuated within 15 days from the public houses or foundation-owned houses they dwell in. These individuals cannot become the founders, partners or employees of privately held security companies. Immediate notifications are made about these individuals to the relevant passport units of the Ministry of National Defense. Their passports are withdrawn by the said units upon receiving such notice.” (Executive Decree 668 Article 2; Executive Decree 669 Article 2). Furthermore the following measures were also introduced: “Individuals expelled from Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command, General Directorate of Security and public office can no longer use any professional titles and ranks that they used to hold, such as ambassador, governor, undersecretary, district governor etc. and can no longer enjoy the rights associated with these titles and ranks” (Executive Decree 677 Article 1); and “Department heads and members of the Military Court of Appeals and the Military High Administrative Court, as well as military judges are deprived of their military ranks without the need for a verdict of conviction” (Executive Decree 678 Article 21).