Private Education Institutions

Executive Decree 676 Articles 77-79 have amended the Law no 5580 on Private Education Institutions, introducing the “private education courses”. In this scope, a private education course has been defined as “an education institution where individuals can enhance their knowledge, skills, talent and experience and make use of their free time in education environments designated by the Ministry according to various scientific disciplines, within the scope of education programs in line with their education level, interests and wishes”.

It was also added to the law that, outside of schools and private education courses, it is forbidden to establish private education institutions which employ face to face or remote education methods, implement some or all of the formal education curricula of primary schools and junior high schools, and organize pilot tests, placement tests and similar mass tests. Such activities cannot be carried out by municipalities, NGOs and the continuous education centers of higher education institutions either.

Executive Decree 678 Article 34 has amended the Law on Private Education Institutions, enabling municipalities’ free-of-charge education centers to continue their activities. Executive Decree 676 had previously closed down the dershane run by municipalities.

Executive Decree 687 Article 5-6 has abolished the “student study and education centers” set forth by the Law on Private Education Institutions. Due to the closure of the latter, the services provided by these will be now offered by the special education institutions dubbed social activity centers in the Provincial National Education Directorates and municipalities.