Directorate of Religious Affairs

Executive Decree 696 Articles 14-16 have amended the Law on the Foundation and Duties of the Directorate of Religious Affairs, stating that those serving as vice president, President of the Supreme Board of Religious Affairs, general manager, Head of Mushaf Investigation and Lecture Board, Head of Guidance and Inspection, 1st Legal Consultant and Head of Strategy Development can be appointed to permanent overseas positions without any prior requirement. Besides, in appointments to permanent overseas positions, Members of the Supreme Board for Religious Affairs, heads of department, province muftis and professors of theology will not have to take a professional proficiency exam. Their overseas capacity and competence will be determined in interviews.

Executive Decree 703 Article 141 revised the Law no. 633 on the Foundation and Functions of the Directorate of Religious Affairs, expanding its functions and powers. Accordingly, the Directorate of Religious Affairs shall now set the principles regarding social aid activities in mosques, prayer halls and their extensions, and also offer moral counseling and religious services outside schools, in locations such as student dormitories, educational institutions, youth centers and camps, penitentiaries, health institutions, social services agencies. Furthermore it was also granted the authority to “organize moral counseling activities for immigrants, and disabled and dependent individuals in need”.